Organ & tissue

Organ & tissue


Reconstruction of the hepatic artery, bile duct, and lymphatic vessel[1]



Taking structural discrepancies of various vessels into account, we reconstruct and visualize the portal vein, hepatic vein, hepatic artery, intrahepatic bile duct, intrahepatic lymph of an intact liver lobe and peribiliary plexus in its selected local areas, providing a technology roadmap for studying the fine hepatic vascular structures and their spatial relationship.





3D reconstruction of the tracheal tree[2]




Taking advantage of the micro optical sectioning tomography system, the high-precision cross-scale visualization of entire lung anatomy is obtained, showing the internal airways in five lung lobes formed by repeated branching, and the bronchi and bronchioles with various orientations. The airway tree colored by inner diameter was shown globally.








Images of heart-wide myocardial architecture at single-cell resolution[3]



We proposed a pipeline for labeling and imaging myocardial and vascular structures, where the myocardium is counterstained using fluorescent dyes and the cardio vasculature is labeled using transgenic markers. By presenting the 3D rendering of the half heart in a coronal view, different chambers of the heart are displayed.





Microstructures of blood vessels and glomeruli in mouse kidney[4]




We embedded an intact mouse kidney with PNAGA hydrogel to acquire the microstructures. Then we imaged the intact mouse kidney with subcellular resolution and found the glomeruli were mainly distributed in the renal cortex.







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