Alzheimer’s  disease

Alzheimer’s disease


Abnormalities of the hippocampal vasculature in Tg-AD mice[1]



To investigate the vasculature impairment in the hippocampus, we segmented the hippocampus to perform volume rendering of the vessels and obtained representative views of cross-sections perpendicular to the longitudinal hippocampal axis, showing clearly disorganized vessels in the Tg-AD hippocampus. The hippocampal vasculatures were divided into four subareas based on the hippocampal functional partition including the subiculum (Sub), CA1–2, CA3 and molecular layer of the dentate gyrus (DG-ml).





Visual reconstruction of Aβ plaques and adjacent somata and vessels in hippocampal area of  the 5×FAD mice[2]




Combining the MOST system, whole-brain Nissl staining, and customized image processing workflow, we generated a whole-brain panorama of Alzheimer’s disease mice without specific labeling. Depicting Aβ plaques, somata, nerve processes and tracts, and blood vessels simultaneously, this panorama enables us for the first time, to analyze how the Aβ plaques interact with capillaries, somata, and processes at a submicron resolution of 3D whole-brain scale, which reveals potential pathological effects of Aβ plaques from a new cross-scale view.








3D reconstruction of neurons in basolateral amygdala of AD model[3]



To address the neuroanatomical changes during the early pathologic developing process, we acquired the neuronal morphological characterization of AD in APP/PS1 double-transgenic mice using the MOST system and Golgi-Cox staining. Specifically, we finished the main processes of 3D reconstructions including the raw data importing, neuronal soma positioning, neuronal tracing and 3D checking at last.





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