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BioMapping 1000

Based on MOST technology, BioMapping 1000 can simultaneously visualize complex information without specific labelling. Nissl staining and Golgi staining is combined to enable the imaging to take place. This means that the instrument provides different signals with distinct grey values and morphologies. This ensures easy extraction and reconstruction of regions within the whole tissue.

BioMapping 5000

BioMapping 5000 is a single cell resolved fluorescent three-dimensional imaging instrument based on fMOST technology. It can detect multiple fluorescent labeled samples simultaneously through multiple channels, accurately locate the neural circuit, and construct the fine structure of single cells in the whole brain.

BioMapping 9000

Combining inclined light-sheet illumination and fMOST technology, BioMapping 9000 can image a whole mouse brain in just a few hours. It is compatible with the agarose-embedded samples to greatly simplify the sample preparation process. The data set is generated with little distortion. This makes it easier to register with a standard atlas.

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